Every year our membership has doubled and now includes over 200 professional artists and friends. We are a tax deductible, not-for-profit corporation, meeting all the requirements for that status. The memberships of friends, contributors, sponsors and benefactors are most welcome. The grants and donations that we have received have enabled us to complete the interior reconstruction of our headquarters building which was badly deteriorated when we became tenants. Our arrangement with the MTA guarantees our investment. Tax Deductible Certificates are issued for all contributions.

Our membership is open to all who wish to participate in the field of fine arts at all levels. Beginners are encouraged to learn. Professionals are encouraged to share their expertise. Our annual All-Member Show in the Depot Gallery, as well as the other off-premises shows, illustrate the scope of our member's interests.

For a membership application please email us at:
or download the pdf version.

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