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The Montauk Artists' Association, Inc.
a Not-For-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization

We are an association of professional and amateur artists who wish to bring art and art education to the East End of Long Island. We are continuing to search for sources that will enable the Association to provide the services that our original mandate describes.

We have two projects at hand. Besides our interest in funding our educational intentions and promoting art in general, we have a major building project. In 1998, we acquired the Montauk terminal building of the Long Island Railroad. This building had been abandoned by the MTA about 28 years before we leased it. Our arrangements with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was that in lieu of rent we would restore and maintain the building. The money invested in the restoration would be fully refunded to us in the unlikely case that they should ever want the building back. We have raised modest funds. Our fund raising efforts, some grants from the Town of East Hampton and a special Jazz Festival in 2000 enabled us to pay for $150,000 worth of renovation, completing the interior. A full Art Gallery is in the first floor waiting room where artists show their work and we have classrooms/studios and a darkroom on the second floor.

During the restoration we discovered that the building was located over running water and that the entire core of the structure was rotted. We repaired and replaced one third of the floor in the Gallery and all the walls and ceilings on both floors. We replaced the wiring and plumbing. We have installed a water control system of pumps in the basement.

What remains to be funded is the outside. The sheathing under the exterior siding and the siding itself must be replaced. The contractors estimate for the work is $100,000. This is what we need to address.

In the past, we have qualified for grants from the Town of East Hampton's Dept of Human Services and Art in Public Places. These funds were directed toward the reconstruction of the building. The Town no longer addresses these projects.

We received a grant from the Milton and Sally Avery Foundation expressly directed to fund children's art education. We created the free children's programs. The funds lasted several years, but are now spent. If you would like to contribute to the Saturday morning classes that run throughout the summer, please let us know. Donations are IRS deductable to the full extent of the law. The Percy Heath Arts Scholarship is funded through our lottery and member donations.

A brief history of our activities is elsewhere on this web-site as well as our education program schedule and our fund raising schedule. We trust you will find our programs appropriate to our size and location and that you will be interested in assisting our future development.

You may contact us through email at:
or at Post Office Box 2751, Montauk, New York, 11954-0300.

We thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give us.